On the yard of the apartment we lived in years ago was a lush hydrangea bearing baby blue flowers. So entranced was I by the blue huge bouquet of flowers that I took a cutting of the plant when we moved to our own house.  After a couple of years, the cutting itself turned into a flower-bearing plant.  It did not, however, produce the blue I was hoping for.  Having read a little about changing a hydrangea’s colors and learning that acidic soil yielded the  hue that I desired, I added all the used coffee granules I could around our hydrangea plant and anxiously awaited that summer’s blooms.  To my dismay, the plant yielded both pink and blue (and even purplish) flowers.  Never had our plants bloomed all blue flowers and I stopped hoping for an all blue flush since then.  This year, as usual, our bushes yielded mixed colors – some stems  blue, some stems pink, some stems had both.

Arguably, the blue of our hydrangea leans towards purple and for Dutch’s Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Blue, and even for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ( Color Beginning with B) may not make the cut.  However, if we look at this as a periwinkle blue, which also is a color in the blue spectrum, I’d say that the hydrangea flowers acquit themselves well.


And if a kind of blue is not enough, I include the above picture that is specially blue (but admittedly not the sad kind) 🙂 with a little disclaimer that I am in no way advertising the owner of the bucket’s trademark. 🙂




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