On the yard of the apartment we lived in years ago was a lush hydrangea bearing baby blue flowers. So entranced was I by the blue huge bouquet of flowers that I took a cutting of the plant when we moved to our own house.  After a couple of years, the cutting itself turned into a flower-bearing plant.  It did not, however, produce the blue I was hoping for.  Having read a little about changing a hydrangea’s colors and learning that acidic soil yielded the  hue that I desired, I added all the used coffee granules I could around our hydrangea plant and anxiously awaited that summer’s blooms.  To my dismay, the plant yielded both pink and blue (and even purplish) flowers.  Never had our plants bloomed all blue flowers and I stopped hoping for an all blue flush since then.  This year, as usual, our bushes yielded mixed colors – some stems  blue, some stems pink, some stems had both.

Arguably, the blue of our hydrangea leans towards purple and for Dutch’s Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Blue, and even for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ( Color Beginning with B) may not make the cut.  However, if we look at this as a periwinkle blue, which also is a color in the blue spectrum, I’d say that the hydrangea flowers acquit themselves well.


And if a kind of blue is not enough, I include the above picture that is specially blue (but admittedly not the sad kind) 🙂 with a little disclaimer that I am in no way advertising the owner of the bucket’s trademark. 🙂




My five year old boy so wanted to have sunflowers in the garden.  So one late spring day, we planted several seeds in a pot.

Five of them sprouted but two promptly died because we went on a vacation and the soil dried out.

Three survived and one of them is tall enough and healthy enough to produce a bud.  Another one is thinking about flowering, but the third one is still little.  It may not be big enough to flower before summer is over.  But my boy is happy to have this sunflower opening its petals in the garden.


for Trablogger’s Mundane Monday # 123

WPC:  Corner   Don’t you love all those sunflower corners?  🙂


While not as storied or old as The London Bridge or The Golden Gate Bridge, Boston’s Zakim’s Bridge or Bunker Hill Bridge still counts as iconic as the other two. The bridge reminds one of Boston, as word Boston itself brings to mind an image of a cable-held bridge leading a traveler to and from the city over River Charles.

The rare times we go through Boston when we travel up north, I look forward to crossing the bridge and looking at the scenery around it. Taking a picture through a windshield while passing through the bridge is not the way to capture the grandeur of this bridge but the bridge still impresses even in a simple camera phone shot.

WPC:  Bridge

Compared to the grandeur and span of this bridge, my other entry, a little footbridge, offers a stark contrast.

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