BUBBLE! (Mundane Monday Challenge)

Yesterday afternoon, I walked around the neighborhood and our backyard to take some pictures. The afternoon was wearing on, my feet were getting tired, and I have not found anything that caught my fancy. Lamenting the lack of nice objects to photograph, I headed back to the house until I noticed one shiny bubble, the size of a plum, sitting on the ground. Although I was puzzled about its origin, and although the light was fading, I lowered myself and took several shots.

The first photo was a straightforward shot, with the camera on or very close to the ground and pointed straight towards the bubble.

After several pictures, I noticed that some areas above the bubble were still lit by the setting sun. For the second picture, I angled the lens upwards to catch some wall or maybe, sky. I would have loved to take another shot but when I refocused my camera, the bubble was gone. I think, even if only the top of the bubble is showing, I like the second picture better.

Anyway, when I got home and after some inquiry, I learned that one of my sons was responsible for the bubble on the grass. I knew that the oldest and youngest were briefly in the yard while I was out there too. I was surprised though that the bubble stayed for a relatively long time on the grass.

Trablogger’s Mundane Monday Challenge #129


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