BUBBLE! (Mundane Monday Challenge)

Yesterday afternoon, I walked around the neighborhood and our backyard to take some pictures. The afternoon was wearing on, my feet were getting tired, and I have not found anything that caught my fancy. Lamenting the lack of nice objects to photograph, I headed back to the house until I noticed one shiny bubble, the size of a plum, sitting on the ground. Although I was puzzled about its origin, and although the light was fading, I lowered myself and took several shots.

The first photo was a straightforward shot, with the camera on or very close to the ground and pointed straight towards the bubble.

After several pictures, I noticed that some areas above the bubble were still lit by the setting sun. For the second picture, I angled the lens upwards to catch some wall or maybe, sky. I would have loved to take another shot but when I refocused my camera, the bubble was gone. I think, even if only the top of the bubble is showing, I like the second picture better.

Anyway, when I got home and after some inquiry, I learned that one of my sons was responsible for the bubble on the grass. I knew that the oldest and youngest were briefly in the yard while I was out there too. I was surprised though that the bubble stayed for a relatively long time on the grass.

Trablogger’s Mundane Monday Challenge #129

TRAIL SIGN (Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stones)

This pair of stones attracted my attention because they reminded me of that time a long time ago when as a girl scout, we were taught how to make trail signs using stones.   When I saw this arrangement  on a corner of a trail in Borderland State Park, I thought  that someone was conveying a message.  When I looked online, I learned that one small stone on top of a bigger one meant “this is the trail”.  However, since the stones were not on the path, I wonder if the stones were simply  arranged randomly by a hiker who wanted to have a bit of fun?

I used my phone to take the picture and converted to B&W to streamline the image a bit.






The shots are from Borderland State Park in Easton, MA.  We had been walking around the park for sometime (with stops here and there to play and to try fishing) and got a little late going back.  We were trying to walk as fast as we could to get to our car before the park closes.  I remember being quite tired and arguing with my husband about how far we had walked.  I claimed we walked 4 miles, my husband said around 2.  I was so sure about the distance (after all, I got too tired) that I was almost too disappointed when a park ranger said that we completed a 2.5 miles loop.

Posting for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge:  Shadows. 

Photos were taken using my Huawei Honor phone.


On the yard of the apartment we lived in years ago was a lush hydrangea bearing baby blue flowers. So entranced was I by the blue huge bouquet of flowers that I took a cutting of the plant when we moved to our own house.  After a couple of years, the cutting itself turned into a flower-bearing plant.  It did not, however, produce the blue I was hoping for.  Having read a little about changing a hydrangea’s colors and learning that acidic soil yielded the  hue that I desired, I added all the used coffee granules I could around our hydrangea plant and anxiously awaited that summer’s blooms.  To my dismay, the plant yielded both pink and blue (and even purplish) flowers.  Never had our plants bloomed all blue flowers and I stopped hoping for an all blue flush since then.  This year, as usual, our bushes yielded mixed colors – some stems  blue, some stems pink, some stems had both.

Arguably, the blue of our hydrangea leans towards purple and for Dutch’s Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Blue, and even for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ( Color Beginning with B) may not make the cut.  However, if we look at this as a periwinkle blue, which also is a color in the blue spectrum, I’d say that the hydrangea flowers acquit themselves well.


And if a kind of blue is not enough, I include the above picture that is specially blue (but admittedly not the sad kind) 🙂 with a little disclaimer that I am in no way advertising the owner of the bucket’s trademark. 🙂




My five year old boy so wanted to have sunflowers in the garden.  So one late spring day, we planted several seeds in a pot.

Five of them sprouted but two promptly died because we went on a vacation and the soil dried out.

Three survived and one of them is tall enough and healthy enough to produce a bud.  Another one is thinking about flowering, but the third one is still little.  It may not be big enough to flower before summer is over.  But my boy is happy to have this sunflower opening its petals in the garden.


for Trablogger’s Mundane Monday # 123

WPC:  Corner   Don’t you love all those sunflower corners?  🙂

ABANDONED TRAIN STATION (for Cee’s and Paula’s Black & White Photo Challenge)

Several days ago, we went to the nearby town of Milo to get supplies for a temporary archery range that my children begged their grandfather to set up in the yard.   Milo is a small rural town in Maine and one of its attractions is an old railroad cutting through the heart of town.  The closure of factories in the area lead to the abandonment of the rails.

The hardware store that my husband went to was on the side of the railroad across this train station.  So while my husband shopped, I took several shots of the crumbling structure.  As it is summer, Queen Annes and other meadowflowers bloomed abundantly.  I thought they softened the stark lines of the building and even lent charm to the place.

Paula’s B&W Sunday – Structure

Cee’s B&W Challenge – Any Topic


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