PLAIN GEOMETRY (for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge)

First of all, thank you Cee for giving Train to Rockland a featured blogger  ribbon. That is much appreciated. For this week’s challenge, I have here a glass facade reflecting the opposite building. The two buildings create not a few squares and rectangles, and even triangles, in varying sizes. They remind me of FB memes … More PLAIN GEOMETRY (for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge)


I would have posted vanilla for today’s prompt, but the homemade vanilla we have in the pantry doesn’t look so photogenic. I also thought of garlic, which grow abundantly in the garden during spring and summer. But while it is tasty, its pungent smell can be too strong and jarring especially when it is on … More LAVENDER


There is something utterly enchanting about the glow of the lowering sun. It casts everything in bronze and make even the most ordinary of thins like a tiny bug and grass flowers mesmerizing. I find myself looking forward to late afternoons to watch the treetops and the leaves glow in the afternoon sunlight.   Weekly … More MAGICAL HOUR


In the middle of hot July, my family and I visited a shopping mall in Mansfield, MA to buy some necessities. This shopping mall was special because it is built around a nature preserve featuring a river and the surrounding woods. After I have bought a pair of shoes in the LL Bean shop, I … More LEANING BIRDHOUSES