INTO THE LIGHT ( Black & White Sunday: After and Before)

This is a shot of the arched stone steps in the garden of the Ames Mansion in what is now known as Borderland State Park in Easton, MA.  I took this picture on a cloudy Friday mid-morning using my  Huawei Honor phone 5.   Going up, the steps lead to an open field bordered by deciduous trees.  The area where I was at was a little sunken garden with rock walls and a little garden fountain.


I used picmonkey to edit the original photo.  As I am much taken with the light at the top of the steps, I highlighted that by using the sunglow effect.  I used the ombre effect to darken the sides a bit more.


This is my contribution to Paula’s Black and White Sunday.




5 thoughts on “INTO THE LIGHT ( Black & White Sunday: After and Before)

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  1. What an intriguing and inviting scene, Imelda. Your contribution is so very generous with detailed explanation as to what you have done to your images. I would like to step down into your scene, which means that both edits are so successful. Thank you!

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