I don’t know about you, but I am utterly fascinated by reflections. Whenever we pass by a body of water clearly reflecting the world around and above it, I always feel a little regret that we could not stop the car to take pictures. There is something magical with reflections that is as soothing as they are beautiful.

It is no surprise then that my favorite places to visit should have a body of water.  I am happiest when the water is clear and still for those mirror images that, to me, are so appealing.  Recently, we discovered this wildlife refuge nearby that not only offered tree-shade meandering paths but also a riverwalk.  As you may have guesses, I took a lot of pictures of the trees reflected in the water.  The photos were taken on different occasions (one or two may even be reflections on a puddle somewhere), so  there are variations in the color and light.

I chose the shots to give the collage a theme.  Then I tried to arrange the pictures according to the changes in color and hue.   While I was doing that, I was reminded of the picture collages that were so popular several years ago, such as a picture of Princess Diana, for example, which was actually made out of hundreds of little photos of her that were put together to form the big image.  I guess you have an idea about what I am talking about.

I made the black and white version above just to see how the colored image would translate as a monochrome picture.  It is a little too quiet.  I think I prefer the colored version better because of the color palette.

Thanks to Michelle for the WPC:  Collage prompt.  I got the impetus to try a different and new thing.


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