Using the miniature figures that my husband and children use for their various board games, I tried to create a scene with the autumn afternoon as backdrop.  This TINY prompt this week was a fun idea to work with.



I rarely have the chance to walk about our neighborhood, or anywhere for that matter, to take pictures. Often, I have my children in tow. I have a hard time concentrating when I know that my family is impatiently waiting for me to be done. As a result, most of my pictures are taken right where we are – in our house, in the backyard. Since there is not much going on in our immediate place (and it is not very scenic to begin with) and I have photographed its every nook and cranny, I tend to do macros and such photos that focus on littler space.
Using PicMonkey, I softened the background to bring out the three leaves.  The original of this picture is at the bottom of this post. 

To break the monotony, I wait for weather and light changes. Each morning, I look out of the window to see dew sparkiling on the groundsomething interesting – a dew sparkling on the ground, a shadow, a new flower. This morning, it was the frost – our first this year – that called to me.

This version plays with the Red Curve.  Then I used the Color Override function to convert the picture to Monochrome. 
I went to the backyard to see what could be a good subject and what I can come up with. I saw these cluster of leaves covered with ice crystals. The sun was just rising and the grass and leaves did look very pretty.
Here, I played with the Greens.  Enter a caption
After breakfast, I decided to play with these pictures (the original, unedited version is right at the bottom). I have this rare Saturday when the children do not have to go to Tae Kwon Do and two of them went with their father to his office.
This photo played with the Blue Curve. Enter a caption
I have in mind Cee’s challenge about converting pictures to Black and White. So, I happily turned the photos in monochrome using the Curve application of PicMonkey. Ah, I had a merry time pushing the lines to curve this way and that. Well, some resulted in better results than others.
This is the result I like best. This involved all three colors being adjusted. Enter a caption
But I am awed by the many possibilities that the Curve offered. How many times can one play with the Red Curve, push the line and its points in varying degrees to the left and right, up and down and come up with the same results?What about trying the Green? or the Blue?  And all three?  The possibilities are almost endless.dscf0006I can play all day!



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