In the middle of hot July, my family and I visited a shopping mall in Mansfield, MA to buy some necessities. This shopping mall was special because it is built around a nature preserve featuring a river and the surrounding woods. After I have bought a pair of shoes in the LL Bean shop, I … More LEANING BIRDHOUSES

AUTUMN PICNIC for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

I am quite reluctant to turn autumn scenes into monochrome. To me, that defeats the very idea of (at least, early) autumn. Autumn is about the colors and to strip the colors and replace them with varying shades of black and gray just feels odd. But for Cee’s challenge, I selected some photos from our … More AUTUMN PICNIC for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

FALL BERRIES (Macro Moments Challenge: Week 15)

From Cee’s page, I learned about a new photography challenge – the Macro Moments Challenge. Since I take quite a lot of close up photos (perhaps by necessity, there being no scenic scenes hereabouts that would require panoramic shots 🙂 ) I am quite thrilled to find a place to inspire me. This week’s theme is … More FALL BERRIES (Macro Moments Challenge: Week 15)


I rarely have the chance to walk about our neighborhood, or anywhere for that matter, to take pictures. Often, I have my children in tow. I have a hard time concentrating when I know that my family is impatiently waiting for me to be done. As a result, most of my pictures are taken right … More FROSTY LEAVES