My five year old boy so wanted to have sunflowers in the garden.  So one late spring day, we planted several seeds in a pot.

Five of them sprouted but two promptly died because we went on a vacation and the soil dried out.

Three survived and one of them is tall enough and healthy enough to produce a bud.  Another one is thinking about flowering, but the third one is still little.  It may not be big enough to flower before summer is over.  But my boy is happy to have this sunflower opening its petals in the garden.


for Trablogger’s Mundane Monday # 123

WPC:  Corner   Don’t you love all those sunflower corners?  🙂


What is a rose without its fragrance? Just another flower – with thorns! – perhaps.  I cannot think of a rose separated from its  distinctive scent.  That was why, when I had the chance to have a little flower garden and to indulge my dream of having a rose garden (still a dream!),  scent was a big consideration in my choice.


I think that there are about 16 rose plants in the garden, all in varying degree of health.  I humor myself by blaming our heavy clay soil for the roses’ poor performance.   While all of the roses are beautiful, some of them simply stand out because they have a head turning fragrance.  Here are five of the most fragrant roses in our garden:

5.  Oklahoma Rose

Oklahoma Rose

4.   Tamora Rose

Tamora Rose

3. Peace Roses

Peace Roses

I cannot decide between the next two, so I declare it a tie –

2-1. Velvet Fragrance

Velvet Fragrance Rose

Frederic Mistral

Frederic Mistral Rose

I can assure you, that all of the roses, especially  Velvet Fragrance and Frederic Mistral, will stand a smell test anywhere.  Their sweet perfume will stand out anywhere.  As for the yellow rose above, it is Golden Celebration. It is milder than the five mentioned above but is very especial for being yellow. 🙂



Apart from warmer temperatures and prettier sights, one of the main reasons I so look forward to spring is being able to garden again.   As the weather warms, I begin to think of plants I want to have in the garden in addition to our staples: tomatoes,  herbs, and pepper.  This year, we got broccoli, chard, kale that survived winter, lettuce, and zucchini.

Prior to planting,  my husband and older children tilled the garden soil.  We also  added composted manure  and epsom salt.   Then the fun part began: selecting the plants, digging the dirt, and planting.   I gave the plants what I thought was enough space.   Unfortunately, I always underestimate how big each plant can grow.  Perhaps, it is the combination of good soil and  plant-suitable weather,  the plants on the ground are lush and healthy.  The zucchini plants are producing well – something that had not happened before.  On the other hand, the cucumbers are vigorous and  invading the tomatoes’ and peppers’ territories.

The soil (and weather) must have been that good that the Golden Celebration rose that I moved from our flower garden where it was struggling to stay alive, is also doing well even if it has asparagus, zucchini, and cucumber for company.  I am just so glad that it is alive and healthier.  I have never seen this plant with this many stems and leaves.

The vegetables are flowering and already showing little fruits. Weather and other conditions permitting, I am looking forward to  a fruitful summer and even fall.


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