When i thought of things or activities that give (me) satisfaction, gardening was among the first to come to mind.  Every aspect of it – from preparing the soil, to digging, to choosing the plants, even weeding, give me immense pleasure.

Our zucchini plants are starting to produce and sometimes, we have more than we can eat.

Perhaps the joy comes primarily from   the expectation that something good will come out of my labor.  To some extent, I compare the joyful expectancy to a mother expecting to see the baby in her womb, or to see her children grow into beautiful, mature persons.  I find myself visiting the garden everyday to see how much the plants have grown; be sad when pests eat the leaf; rejoice when I see the flowers or the first fruits.  How fulfilling it is to pick the mature fruits.  They make all the effort worth it.

To vary the way we serve zucchini at home, we tried making zucchini bread. This recipe – – turned out to be excellent, notwithstanding the use of nutmeg, a spice I am quite wary of. My zucchini-averse children loved it.

I can only think of one thing more satisfying than harvesting the fruits, and that is, eating them.



P.S.  – Shameless plug

In my photo-poetry page, MY WALL, I write about the satisfaction that comes from beholding a wildflower. 🙂

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