I would have posted vanilla for today’s prompt, but the homemade vanilla we have in the pantry doesn’t look so photogenic. I also thought of garlic, which grow abundantly in the garden during spring and summer. But while it is tasty, its pungent smell can be too strong and jarring especially when it is on one’s skin and clothes after a few minutes of stir frying.

I thought of the pleasantly scented herbs and plants in the garden and came upon a sweet smelling plant that grows in our front yard. It started from seed and when I first planted it, it was no more than 3 inches tall. Several years later, it covered a 2 x 2 foot ground. Lavender. I planted it for its little aromatic flowers. When I cut some stems for a vase, I make sure to smell my hand and catch the lingering scent of the plant on my skin. The smell is heavenly, the kind that will make one close her eyes to inhale deeply and savor the scent.

The scent of lavender brings one to mind beautiful places and sweet things.


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