birdhouse In the middle of hot July, my family and I visited a shopping mall in Mansfield, MA to buy some necessities. This shopping mall was special because it is built around a nature preserve featuring a river and the surrounding woods. After I have bought a pair of shoes in the LL Bean shop, I decided to walk around the park and take pictures.
There was not much to see: the water lilies have not bloomed yet, there was algea on the water, and the bright bright sun made everything shiny. There were brown-eyed susans, thistle down, and other wildflowers. There were a couple of wild rabbits, and birds. But they all skittered away when they heard my footsteps. But where there were birds, there were birdhouses, a lot of them in the area. The two here were the most interesting that I found.

“Why would they be leaning?” I wonder.




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