PINNED! for Cee’s Vibrant Colors

I shudder whenever July rolls by. That only means that August is just around the corner and with August comes the new schoolyear. My carefree summer days would soon be over as the children and I face another year of schooling at home. Ah! making my boys do their assignments is like pulling teeth from a tiger’s mouth. They think that schooling is an obstacle to their one great passion – gaming (video or otherwise). They take too many shortcuts with their work so that they will have plenty of time for play. Will that attitude ever change as they grow older. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

One light of this back-to-school-thingy is the shopping part. I can get lost shopping for school supplies buying just some more cheap notebooks, and pencils, and crayons, and etc. for just-in-case-we-need-it situations which very very rarely happen because the year before I piled up on supplies so that I would have them just in case. 🙂

But who could blame me for buying in excess of what my children and I will need when supplies are as colorful as the ones that are available now. Just look at the butterfly pins in the photo? Can you seriously resist their charm? Or the push pins? Wouldn’t the board look oh-so-pretty with their colorful heads sticking out of the cork? Honestly. Gone are the days of metal thumb tacks and paper clips…. and gone is my budget, too.



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